We are proud to announce that the concrete project designed to help make the walkway between the main school building and the new annex has been completed. The project has improved safety for all of our students who have to walk back and forth between the two buildings every day. Over the years there had been several changes to the landscape on the northwest side of the building resulting in several areas of uneven concrete. When the new annex was built in 2019, an aluminum ramp was installed to access the building. This created several problems. First the ramp made the walk into the building take longer because it was a gradual incline that lengthened the time spent walking into the building. The much more important issue, however was how slippery the ramp became whenever there was rain or snow. This project has resolved all of these issues for our students. Now there is an easy-access ramp for our students in and out of the building. 
International Paper awarded a grant of $10,000 to SMS that paid for most of the cost of this project. Thank you International Paper for the amazing work you do within our community!