SMS News

Registration for Edchoice, Edchoice Expansion and the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship for the 2023-24 school year open on February 1. 

Some students will be eligible for Traditional Edchoice. Although there are no local school districts on the Edchoice School list, we do have some students who qualify. To see if you qualify, refer to the Edchoice Fact Sheet

Most of our students who receive state scholarships are eligible for the Edchoice Expansion Scholarship, which is entirely income-based. If your child(ren) already receive Edchoice Expansion, then you need to fill out the renewal form completely, and turn it in to the school, along with your proof of address as soon as possible. The income guidelines for Expansion have not yet been posted, but when they do we will post them. This Scholarship is available for anyone who meets income criteria, any student who received the scholarship in prior years, and any siblings of students who received the scholarship. Any student applying for the scholarship for the first time will need to fill out the Edchoice Request Form, and will also need to turn in a copy of his or her birth certificate, along with the proof of address. Once all paperwork has been turned in to the school, parents must verify their income in their ODE portal, and upload the required income documentation

The Jon Peterson Application period also opens on February 1. We will send those applications home when they are posted. If your child receives the Jon Peterson Scholarship, please keep an eye out for the application.