January is a special month in regards to the pro-life movement, and although Roe v Wade was overturned last year, there is still a constant struggle to protect all human life. On Wednesday, January 18, members of the Pregnancy Resource Center of Brown County will visit SMS to talk with students about the work they do, the important services they provide, and how we can help. That day we will begin a resource drive for the Pregnancy Resource Center. Suggested items are listed below. The homeroom that donates the most items for the PRC by Monday, January 30 will win an Ice Cream Sundae Party! Finally, we will pray a decade of the rosary following mass on Friday, January 20, for the defense of all human life. 

Items needed at the Pregnancy Resource Center:

  • Infant Care Kit
  • Baby Bath Towel 
  • Enfamil Formula
  • Baby Shampoo                   
  • Baby Wash                        
  • Nueropro Infant Baby Oil                             
  • Baby Powder                    
  • Gentlease Receiving Blankets             
  • Brush & Comb Kit           
  • Sensitive Diapers (preemie, 5 & 6)   
  • Preemie Clothes                
  • ProSoBee Onesies/Sleepers               
  • Pacifiers                            
  • A.R. Infant socks                       
  • Rattles/Teethers               
  • EnFaCare