Christmas in Italy Clipart

The kindergartners are "traveling" to three different countries again this year!  The goal: To learn about Christmas in these countries, and to compare and contrast each country's Christmas traditions with those of the United States.

The first country they "visited" was Italy.   They learned that, according to Italian legend, the Three Wise Men came to the house of an old lady, La Befana, as they were searching for baby Jesus. When they asked her if she wanted to help, she declined claiming to be too busy with housework. After they had left, she changed her mind and it is said she is still searching for baby Jesus to this day. This is why, when she encounters good children, she gives them presents.   The presepio (nativity scene) is very important to Italians, and the kindergartners made their own presepios.  They also were treated to Italian Lady Finger cookies for snack.