SMS News

Dear SMS Families,

Fundraising is incredibly important for the sustainability, and vitality of St. Michael School. On average it costs over $6,000 to educate each student at St. Michael School. We do everything that we can as a school to keep costs relatively low for our parents. Through seeking available public funding and grants we have been able to begin narrowing the deficit that our school encounters every year. The generosity of former parishioners and supporters has allowed us to grow and improve our school despite running each year at a deficit. We must continue to seek ways to raise funds for our school, and in order to keep tuition costs reasonable, it is essential that all of our families help with our fundraisers.  

The 6th annual SMS $10K Giveaway kicks off today! Enclosed in today’s white folder are ten tickets. The SMS $10K Giveaway is one of our “Big 3” fundraisers and raises nearly $20,000 each year for St. Michael School. The reason we begin the week of Thanksgiving is because we have had several parents say that was a great opportunity to sell! Each SMS Family is required to sell at least 10 tickets. Selling ten tickets is the bare minimum. We encourage our parents to sell as many as possible, and we have several parents and grandparents who sell over 100 each year.

There is something new and exciting this year! Our weekly drawings are going from $250, up to $1,000 each week! Each ticket costs $20 and assures the buyer 5 chances to win $1,000 and one chance to win $10,000!

How to sell:

  1. Tell friends and family, people you work with, Facebook friends, or anyone who might be interested to buy a ticket.
  2. Once you have found a buyer…
    • Collect $20
    • Write the person’s name and phone number (legibly) on the back of the large portion of the ticket.
    • Rip off the small portion and give it to the buyer. (this acts as a receipt for purchasing the ticket)
    • Turn the money and the large portion of the ticket (with names and phone numbers) into the office.
  3. Repeat

The first $1,000 drawing will take place at the first fish fry on February 24. There will also be $1,000 drawings on March 3, March 10, March 17, and March 24. The $10,000 drawing will happen at the last fish fry on March 31. Again, each family is required to sell at least ten tickets. Each family is responsible for the ten tickets in their white folder today! Anyone who sells 30 tickets will have their registration fee for the 22-23 school year waived! If every SMS family sells 25 tickets, we will exceed our goal of raising $20,000 for SMS. Once you sell ten and need ten more, turn in your money and your ticket stubs and we will give you ten more! Please make sure you get your tickets out of your SMS folder today!



Andrew Arn                                                                                    

Principal, St. Michael School