SMS News

One of our topics this year in third and fourth grade social studies has been to learn about the pre-Civil War period and more specifically the Underground Railroad. We have many important landmarks that are accessible to our students and we believe we can learn so much by doing, seeing, and experiencing history. As many of you know we have the Rankin House in our own back yard. This Friday, November 18, is the last day of the touring season at the Rankin House, so our 3rd and 4th grade classes will leave school at approximately 9:45am. Due to weather, we will travel by bus to the Rankin House and tour the grounds. Students should pack their lunch and lunch will be eaten in the classroom at the Rankin House. The class will return to the school after they eat lunch at approximately 12:30, and will resume the normal class schedule. Students will be bringing permission slips home today. Please sign and return them as soon as possible.