All Saints Day
Today St. Michael School celebrated All Saints Day in observation of the November 1 Holy Day of Obligation. The day began with Mass in the church. Following mass, parishioner Dan Verney played trombone, while Harriett Groh sang "When the Saints Go Marching In" for the students as they walked into the school. 
Thanks to SMS Grandparents Susen Arn and Cathy Zurbuch who baked and iced 150 saint cookies for our students, and Mrs. Patty Dengler who organized the day's events!
There were some very creative costumes as well today, as students dressed as their favorite Saints. We were very impressed how the students researched their Saints and were able to tell us so much about them. We are all called to be Saints, learning about the lives of people who have already accomplished this goal is a great way to help us on our own journey!