As many of you know, we received a grant from International Paper for $10,000 to help us with a concrete project that would connect the new buildings making the walkway more safe for our students transitioning between buildings. We also have been able to to sell our aluminum ramp to help with the cost of this project. In order to complete the project, we will need to have access to that area for a solid two week period, and we are unable to do that while school is in session. In order to allow for this time we are changing Christmas Break. 

The last day of school before break will now be Friday, December 16th , and we will return on Monday, January 2nd. Hopefully this will give the contractor time to complete this project. In this process we will lose ten hours of class time, which will come out of the calamity hours that we have built into the schedule. We wanted to give you as much time as possible to plan ahead. Please be sure to mark this in your calendars and plan accordingly!