St. Michael School News

Dear SMS Families,

We have a few important announcements about transportation. 

First, due to the yard sale in St. George parking lot the next two days, pickup and dropoff for the Georgetown bus will be in the parking lot behind McDonalds on Thursday and Friday. Please make appropriate arrangements. 

Second, if you have friends, grandparents, or anyone who is not someone who knows proper pickup and dropoff procedure at the school, please make sure you go over it with them. One car going out of turn can make the process longer, but more importantly, more dangerous for our students and parents. This includes leaving early from the bus stop. 

Thirdly, we understand that things come up, but please try to make sure we know in the office if there is a change in your child's normal pickup schedule no later than 2:00. Also, please be sure to get confirmation that someone saw that message. We do our best to accommodate, but it get's very busy here after 2:00, and we want to be sure our students are leaving school safely and with the proper mode of transportation. 

We just want to stay ahead of this, and ask that you help us make the end of the day as smooth as can be for everyone! Thank you!