SMS First Grade Boards the Polar Express

Hello, from Saint Michael’s fabulous First Grade! We’re ready to ring in the New Year of 2022 with more engaging learning opportunities. We closed out 2021 with some fun Christmas activities and concluded with a dress down day this past Wednesday.  Students boarded the Polar Express when they presented their ticket to their conductor. Once aboard the express the first graders  enjoyed sipping cocoa, eating popcorn,  and decorating cookies. After listening to Chris Van Allsburg's classic The Polar Express the  children wrote a creative writing assignment and completed an art activity.  We concluded the day by watching the movie, The Polar Express.     



We are working on a Social Studies unit called “Where People Live”. Students have been learning about maps, cardinal directions, compass roses, determining directions, and began a lap book designing a small village.  Our Science unit on natural resources included an activity of “Find a Gem”. Each student received a Plaster of Paris cube and chipped away until they revealed a gem. This was a really fun way to review natural resources, rocks, soil, and minerals.  Next we will begin an exciting unit on electricity and forms of energy. We will keep you posted with photos!