Pajama Day in Kindergarten

Yesterday was a fun-filled day at St. Michael!  It was “Dress Down for a Cause” Day when the students could wear pajamas or Christmas Wear to school.  Everyone was treated to pizza for lunch, thanks to an anonymous donor.  It was also Movie Day, and we finally got to have our class Christmas parties.  In addition to this, the kindergartners got together with their Big/Mass Buddies to give them the ornaments they had made for them.  (If you’re not familiar with this “program” at our school… The kindergartners are paired up with 8th  graders who sit with them at Mass to help them learn proper behavior, gestures, etc.  We also try to get together occasionally for other activities.)  When asked what their favorite part of the day was, most of the kindergartners said they liked getting together with their buddies best!  The kindergartners love their Big Buddies, and from the looks of things, the 8th  graders are very fond of their Little Buddies, too.  Thanks, 8th  graders, for your help and also for leading by example and being such a positive influence on these little ones!

(Missing from the pictures are a few kindergartners and 8th  graders who were not at school.)