Bulletin board with Advent candles, hope, peace, joy, and love.

In week three we light the rose (pink) colored candle. This is a sign that the darkness is getting a little brighter in anticipation of the coming of Christ. Rose is also the liturgical color representing joy. We often mistake joy and happiness. It is not realistic to think that we will always be happy every minute of our lives, in fact we could argue that we can’t really be happy without knowing sadness and other feelings. Joy is different. We can have joy in our hearts despite any of these other emotions. True joy is in knowing that we have the promise of Jesus in our lives no matter what we are facing. Knowing that God is bigger than all of our fears, bigger than our failures, bigger than anything of this world. I hope you all feel this true joy the last two weeks of this Advent season.

Thank you once again for choosing SMS. I am thankful to be a part of such an amazing place and as a dad, grateful that my children are able to grow up in a supportive, nurturing, Catholic environment. It truly takes a village and I understand how important each student, parent, staff member, alumni, family member, parishioner, and school supporter is to our SMS family. On behalf of all of us at SMS, have a Merry Christmas!