science fair

Once again our students' hard work paid off as St. Michael was very well represented at the Brown County Science Fair. There was one outstanding overall project and one honorable mention project chosen for each grade level. There were also ten "conservation" awards given to qualifying projects. We are proud to announce that SMS students won twelve of the possible twenty two awards! Congratulations to all of our students who competed! To all my knowledge every SMS student earned a "Superior" rating!

8th Grade: Outstanding- Will Dragoo, Honorable Mention- Gunner Ernst, Conservation Award- Gunner Ernst

7th Grade: Outstanding- Sadie Strunk, Honorable Mention- Allie Depenbrock, Conservation Award- Sadie Strunk

6th Grade- Honorable Mention- Makynli Hauke, Conservation Award- Makynli Hauke, Conservation Award- Abby Collins

5th Grade- Outstanding- Owen O'Connor, Honorable Mention- Olivia Kirk

4th Grade- Honorable Mention- Josie Sentney